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Thank you for you interest in joining the ABC, Inc. team. We pride ourselves on superior service and attention to detail.

This is the first step in the process of joining our team.

The successful applicant will complete the following steps:

1) Read the Strategic Vision

2) Fill out the Questionnaire

3) Fill out the Application

If you are selected, you will be required to attend a hiring seminar on X date at Y time. Click Here for directions.


ABC Strategic Vision

ABC, Inc is a business built on innovation and customer service to clients in need of computer software and hardware solutions.  

Our clients are interested in using technology to improve the efficiency of their business allowing more work to be done in less time with greater accuracy and efficiency. Our work is to thoroughly understand our clients needs and to deliver powerful solutions that exceed expectations. 

Our unique combination of technical expertise and practical knowledge results in satisfied clients time after time. However, if we feel that a client is best served by referring them to another firm, we whole-heartedly do so. The way ABC, Inc generates new clients is another example of innovation and service. Initial marketing attempts through the internet or direct mail are seen as sincere attempts to reach our potential clients in order to provide solutions to the problems encountered by their business; these efforts are never seen as aggressive, forceful, or obtrusive.

When we communicate with a client, they always feel very important and as if they were our sole focus. Customer service begins with respect and attention to detail.

Sales follow-ups are welcomed by the client because previous interactions have always had the best interest of the client as the primary goal of the conversation.

Unsolicited sales inquiries are fulfilled quickly with as much, or little, interaction as desired by the prospective client. If a follow-up is requested by the client, it is performed as requested and if not, then a follow-up is performed within 1 week. These are done in such a way as to bring clarity to the client’s situation and to help them make an informed buying decision. When a prospect becomes a client the solutions they experience come from a diverse group of products including Microsoft (Word, Excel, Solomon, and Great Plains), Novell (WordPerfect, Quattro Pro), software on Unix and Linux.  If an appropriate product or customization isn’t in existence, often ABC, Inc can create it. We like the challenge of meeting a tough situation with innovation and expertise.

Our service standards reflect our commitment to the client’s best interest. All calls are returned within 2 hours and all service is supplied within 24 hours. If a product is ordered, then service is supplied within 24 hours of receiving the product. Our clients are happy to refer others to us. If a client is unhappy with our service, we work hard to make things right with them.

Employees that work at ABC, INC do not just work “at” ABC, INC , but work “in” ABC, INC  as part of a team, an extended family. Employees are rewarded through compensation that is commensurate with their contribution to the growth of the organization and their skill level.

We see our employees as systems builders. They not only perform the tactical work with excellence, but also innovate how that work is done, documented, and measured. Our employees are able to deal with a variety tasks in a systematic and professional manner. We are a team of professionals working together to achieve excellent results for our clients.

Since ABC, INC seeks to foster a working climate that supports innovation and customer service, employees are encouraged to fulfill and express their personal calling and design as they develop their roles within the company. Through identifying, training, developing, and  releasing their personal gifts, our employees are perpetually in a process of development both professionally and personally. ABC, INC wants to help our employees become who they’ve been designed to be. If we invest in our people, then our people will provide the best possible service to our clients. It is this way of working that ensures our work matters and the solutions we generate will not just solve today’s problems, but will position clients to meet tomorrow’s challenges with success.

Employees are required to take at least 10 minutes per day to strategically examine their projects and workflow. They use this time to document and look for ways to better estimate work/time management and  how they can improve their performance in the future. Every week these notes are condensed into a future plan of action and presented to their manager. In this specific way our employees are building the process equity of our company and developing skills that apply in every area of life.

ABC, INC is a company that provides excellent service for complete solutions. That service is clarity, innovation, integrity, and diligence. We strive to make every part of our business an example of the foundational principles that guide our lives and give meaning to our work. ABC, INC solves problems, innovates solutions, and delivers world-class service. We are a team dedicated to excellence in every area.


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1. How do you see yourself fitting into this vision?



2. What part of this vision is most exciting to you and why?



3. If you are hired to be on our team, what do you think your greatest contribution will be? Explain.



4. What is the one thing you hope to improve on most in your professional development in the next 12 months?



5. How will working at ABC, Inc. help you to accomplish number 4?



6. What are your main goals for working at ABC, Inc.? What makes you think you can accomplish those goals here?


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